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It was brought to my attention that some of the links were well... broken. If you wanted to navigate the issues using the handy dandy fast forward buttons... uh, they didn't really work, they brought you back here, which is not what I had wanted. So I'm fixing them. One page at a time and testing each link to double verify. A tedious process, I don't mind whining -- er, telling you. =) Ugh. That's the last time I trust a Microsoft product to do my links for me, although I guess REALLY I have myself to blame. For whatever reason, I chose a simple template (hey, it WAS almost TWO years ago that I first made those pages, believe it or not!) and forgot to go back through and do what I'm doing now. I'm now using Dreamweaver, which I love for it's visual style. I used to use Netscape Composer, so this is a lot better. Also, not sure how many visually impaired people there are that come here, but I'm attempting to make this more JAWS friendly, just for you! (No, I am not becoming a Yahoo! junkie)

All pages *SHOULD* be fixed now.


One month till my birthday!
Found a Big Space Naoset story page I hadn't scanned in yet, so will do that once I edit it slightly... you see, all those stars in the Big Space series... were HAND DRAWN... that's right! Yours truly was one BORED little misfit when he drew them!! I'll be putting the new one up in a day or so (probably right around Turkey Day) when I truly have some free time. Heck, with colds I have free time too, but yuck, with all the coughing and sneezing, I'm afraid I'll contribute something ELSE to the artwork! =D

.... ya know, I'm REALLY getting tired of Microsoft Internet Explorer.. I've been a MS nut for the last 9 years, and ya know what? I'm TIRED of it. If I understood Linux and if it were much more compatible with things like games I'd probably switch over - God knows I've tried Linux in multiple forms. But lately, Internet Explorer has JUST NOT BEEN WORKING. Specifically, it's not loading some pages. Now I know, check browser hijackers, virus software, and I've done all that, and sometimes, a page like at the bottom of THIS page, the Squirrelworks page, will NOT load in IE... So now I have Firefox 1.0, which admittedly is NOT perfect, (whatever happened to the formerly great Netscape? RIP...) nor is it quite as fast, but it IS stable. And thanks to some handy plugins, I've got it actually working BETTER than IE now. I'm still using IE as a primary browser for now, but I'm enjoying the dual capability of both browsers. Thank God I don't pay for either of them... wait a minute, I'm a Microsoft XP user... D'OH!!
In the meantime, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
By the way, feel free to drop a line in the new Guestbook!


Got page 15 of issue 3 up, leaving off with a slight cliffhanger. What shall happen with Jin's powers? hehe only me and one other know.
Golly there's been a lot of you already!! 7500 hits as of today, and this site has only been here two and a half weeks. Thanks for stopping by!
... I've made a painful decision. I'm going to edit issue 4. Ok, stop groaning!! Issue 4 is going to be pretty risque for a family webcomic (yes, I know I have slices and dices on people, especially the KKK) but for what I want to do, I want people like my nieces and nephew to be allowed to come and see what I do, so here's my compromise : For the unedited version I will have either a subscription page that you can order, OR I may do a printed version for sale off the website. Your choice. But since it hasn't been finished yet, I'm not even taking orders. But I will be! And it will be completed too, I have many story ideas!


Working very hard? Or hardly working very? heh.. whichever. Anyway, wanted to update on the status of the strips.. doing homework as we speak (taking a quick break).. preparing the adventures of Jin's new nemesis : the Argon Ninja! EEEP!! Another one to take to the brightly colored suits! What is this, the late 80's? ... well just maybe! =) we'll see as we get into that story!

Got the new storyline figured out, and hope to have them up soon. I have to jet to work on a 500 page Asian History assignment, so as soon as I have that out of the way, I'll begin working on the new strips. Page 14,15 and the wrapup of issue three will come over the weekend though, so it shouldn't leave anyone hanging.

The other day I bought a new set of Accent highlighters, for old times sakes (they're the kind I used to first begin Neon Ninja #1, 2 and 3). Nowadays I use Photoshop for the color of course, but there has to be a basis. I went to scan them with my CanoScan Lide20, and the colors wouldn't come out!! It would scan it then remove the highlighted areas! DOH!! I had to tweak with a lot of settings and call tech support before I could get it halfway working again. Even still, the color, to quote Frank from MST3K "It's not the SAAAAAAME!!!" I still love my Accent markers, but it doesn't look like it is going to work for scanning them like that. Btw, I'm trying out the new Firefox 1.0 for a month to see how it goes. So far I've had to fix some font issues (mainly size) and a couple other minor issues. One that I can't seem to resolve however, is a misplacement of certain links INSIDE a picture - that just ain't cool! For instance see page 6 of Issue 3. yeah... hmmmm......
Found some settings to adjust and that seems to have made a tremendous increase in what it sees, more coming tonight, as I am scanning in as many of the birthday pics I've done each year since the creation date of 1991..

I'm debating what to do for the new series.. as noted below, I used to do a daily strip, but due to my injury, I couldn't keep up too well. And it takes me a whole day to color an entire page (see page 14 of issue 3 - that took 4 hours, cover of Issue 4 took 8 hours) .. so I'm thinking.. "how about... a page or two a week in black and white and once it hits the archives - then it'll be in color? " As I said.. I'm debating it.

Once upon a time I drew a daily comic strip on those days ended after fricking carpel tunnel sydrome, and I got lost on my own story (doh!) ... NOW that circumstances are coming to a head (more news on that as I get it) I am planning to move ahead on new comics, new stories, and new characters. This includes finishing the present storylines, and moving on to where I have always envisioned Neon Ninja moving to. So hang in there, we will be journeying forth soon!

There are several archives of the Neon Ninja storylines. The first being the original handdrawn comics that were colored using fluorescent Accent markers on white copy paper, from 1991 to 1993 and occasional side projects. The second series ran briefly in the summer of 1999 until halted by a bout with carpal tunnel. The space series ran all inbetween, running from circa 1990 to present day. I'd like to note that the Big Space drawings were originally hand drawn and Bigspace 3 was drawn in late 2002, over a course of 17 days, not computer generated.

Neon Ninja, or Jin, as I call him, was created in 1991. The gist of the story (an origin story has finally been finished!) is of a "hundred year old" (in numbers only, see the story) ninja chosen by his clan to defend his village, given magical powers to control mystical lights to confound/confuse his enemies. In the course of major battles he was thrust in time, along with his enemy, into 1991 and revived from legend. He has followed his arch nemesis, Markonn, from Habukulai, Japan, to Portland Oregon. Neon Ninja has been in comics online since 1999, before that he was on television in brief cameos on the WWAZ show, as well as appearing in t-shirts and other publications.

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