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Frequently Never Asked Questions!
Some questions that have not yet been asked yet have been pondered, or otherwise assumed…

1: Q: Is the Neon Ninja GAY?
A: NO! Back in 1991, when I created him, neon colors were very cool, though at the end of their lifespan. It was before a time that pink (as far as I know) was ever really associated with being a fruit or being fruity, or being gay.

2: Q: NEON?! What were you thinking? And how does a ninja hide with such brightly colored clothes?
A: See half the answer for question 1. And .. he’s a ninja. Jin has the ability to solidify his light in certain conditions, making his powers unique among superheroes. That and well, his blinding colors typically make the fashion police to get queasy when they see him coming!

3: Q: Isn’t there another person(s) trying to claim the Neon Ninja copyright?
A: Yes, but since it’s currently in litigation (the courts) I can’t talk about it right now. (hear the sound of my lawyers barking…)

4: Q:Why has it taken you so long to get 5 issues done?
A: Well, personal life changes, lack of interest in drawing, MAJOR life changes and lots of attention deficit can be blamed to start.. That and to be honest, when I look at the first issue I’m not proud of the artwork. I know I can do better NOW… but that’s the difference.. even now it’s hard to get pencil to paper.

5: Q: Come on, Markonn’s really Jin’s father, right?
A: No. Jin’s parents are dead, slaughtered by the Nemahn’s in the 1890’s. Now WHO his parents were will remain a mystery for the time being. IE, I haven’t thought of a story line for them yet. I can tell you that Jin is only HALF Japanese.

6: Q: will it take another 14 years to see issue 6?
A: Probably. God, I hope not! tell ya what, I’ll write, you draw, how about that?

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