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Neon Ninja copiers
I just discovered that there is something called Trove that claims a Neon Ninja. This of course is an unauthorized character and I have taken steps to defend my character name.

Issue 4 hiatus

I know it's been a VERY long time since I updated this issue and the comic in general. I have been doing other things. I'm looking for an artist to continue the series for me that I can write. if you're interested, please contact me. I'm also hoping to continue the series and introduce the Argon Ninja, featured in a future cover in the archive pages.

Issue 4 Continues!

I know it's been a VERY long time since I updated this issue and the comic in general. I left off at page 12 - which has long been a 404 error, and today I uploaded it. It's not finished but I want to point the way that I'm finally finishing this story. It's hard to make a full Scooby Doo animation!!! This alone has frustrated me - along with a lot of negativity in my life and a persisten ganglion cyst which I blamed for not drawing - and so I've been focusing on other life issues and matters, and for that matter, been creating videogames for Android (see games link or including yours truly, the Neon Ninja! It's all free to play, so give it a whirl.. In the meantime, I'm taking a break from gamemaking to try and finish this story (issue 4) and continue without the naysaying that was in my life from 2004 - 2009. Sorry for the break, I'll try to return to a regular schedule.. sometime? As for this page, I'm going to redesign it fairly soon, but drawing comes first. Have a bright day!

Invisible Comics Debut!!
I'm formally introducing a new comic concept, Invisible Comics! You can see them by following this link

Neon Ninja Game Update!
Today I was able to fix a longstanding glitch in all versions of the Neon Ninja game, relating to when you change characters. This may well have a noticable shift in what you can do in the game itself as development continues. For now, please click the GAME button to your left and enjoy it in it's new installer package!


Happy Birthday Jin!
I was a day late updating the birthday cartoon (most of which have not been posted yet, I have to dig through the archives to find them all) because my mechanical pencil ran out of lead yesterday. It's hard for me to believe that 19 years have already gone by and we are already in the year 2010!! As I'm sure everyone is aware, there have been a TON of technology changes since 1991... but in a sense, even though they change form, some things always seem to stay the same..


Gasp! I've UPDATED THE TOON PAGE!!!! It only took 4 years! an explanation in story will be forthcoming on page 12, which will be a Youtube link actually.. and it won't take another 4 years, the product of the Youtube video has already been built, it just needs to be filmed and edited. The following pages of this current (issue 4) story have been drawn out, they simply need to be finished and scanned in, then edited. I'm hoping to resume this very shortly.

I've updated the game to have an actual install/uninstall process for those who weren't able to get the game to run properly. It is available right here: .. also of interest.. My wrist is stabilizing and I'm now getting ready to finish this story and possibly get onto the rest of the stories in mind.

Page Update
Had to include this update due to a suggestion from my heritage: the Neon Viking!

Background story (copyrighted of course, that's why he's here!) is, he's Jin's longlost cousin. I'll incorporate him into a future story.

Speaking of stories, yes, I am aware I haven't finished issue 4. My life is quite complicated right now, between work, school and church. I also have a ganglion cyst in my right (drawing!) wrist, which makes it painful to write or draw anything for extended periods. However, I have it planned to 1: have it fixed, and/or 2: hire someone to do the drawing for me! So for the two people that are reading the storyline, please don't give up hope forever!

I've been doing a lot of updates to the game, which you can now follow it's progress here: and the game link button has been updated to reflect the new change. The game download is still 25 megs, but there's a lot of changes, as you'll see by clicking that link. Enjoy!

Personal and page UPDATES
//the above update makes the entries (listed below) on the game irrelevent, since it's been changed dramatically.//
So it's been a while since I updated the comic, and I thought I would offer an explanation as to what's going on. I have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist, which unfortunately, is on a nerve cluster in my drawing hand. The doctor I went to refused to attempt anything to correct it, meaning, I need to see a more competent doctor and probably have corrective surgery. It also means it hurts to put any pressure on it for extended periods of time. I can type, because it's not putting undue pressure on that part of the wrist. I've been trying to practice, build up tolerance levels to where I can draw again, so that's why there hasn't been any update (as I had previously promised) to the comic. I do intend to finish the storyline. I am also looking to hire an artist at some point to do the artwork for the stories for me (if interested, shoot me an email)..I really DO want to move on from where I'm at.
In the meantime, I've been diligently working on the video game of my cartoon, in the link above. It changes (those of you who browse the PVP forums would know this) about every 5 days to every week with added or corrected content. Currently, most of the functions are working, for the most part. There is little, functionally, that remains, other than Boss AI, and some scripting, other than more professional artwork and improved level layout. I'm also contracting out to find artists who can draw the sequences needed for the characters (again, if interested, shoot me an email, but go here : first.) Please note, these are paid (as I can afford them!) positions, although if you WANT to volunteer, I won't stop you! ;)

As for the game changes, I'll let you see what all has changed, though I'll describe it a little. I'd like to take a time out to thank Erik Basilin for creating most of the music you hear in the game. Well done!
Game Changes :
The intro (which you can skip) is playable, if you follow the first issue, you know what to do : RUN!! Just -- GET -- AWAY!
Grenades have been implemented, but where they are in the game, you'll have to find them!
Added some more characters for more variety.
Contemplating adding the "Couch Copter" sequence...

Also contemplating the second game's scenarios....



I've updated the game so that it now runs on Windows Vista if you have this new operating system. I WILL WARN YOU... it's big.. it takes a hefty machine to run it (I think...).... mine has 2 gigs (!!!!!) of ram and a 3 gighz processor, with a 256 meg pci-express video card, and to start the game takes a moment or two to initially load up. My laptop, which has 1284 megs of ram and a 1.8 processor, runs it quite slowly. So use it at your own risk.. if you have LESS than 1 gig of ram, DO NOT ATTEMPT. for the comic, I'll continue that after I get back from England! WOOHOO!

Oh, some of the updates in this version are some room to room transitions that were made available in the new version of GameMaker 7.0 that just came out. Some other fixes are the counting of the throwing stars as you throw them as at long last been fixed... however, when you jump left and try to throw one.. well, just don't hold your breath! ;) you might however, find new secrets doing the opposite side.
I've also added some extra animations on the last level, still under construction, but which follows the 1st story. Still working on that boss AI!! Please feel free to leave any comments on the game at my email, listed above (note the comments on it).



After about a year of not doing anything on the comic, but having consistent ideas of what I wanted to do with the storyline, I FINALLY sat down today and worked on some of the story. There's now two pages up, with more coming, I actually hired a friend to help do artwork! You'll find the updates starting with issue 4. The pages currently go to page 10, but I have up to 13 currently drawn, I just need to get them scanned in. Work continues! Still working and updating. Got several done today and looking forward to getting to the end of the story by page 25 (I hope!) I REALLY want to get going on issue 5!

Neon Ninja game updated
The Neon Ninja game continues its work in progress. The current demo is 16 megs and I'm working on a possible cd for the music or an extra way of compressing the music so the download isn't so large. The music itself is ten megs! Alas, I've had a data corruption somewhere along the way, but the good news is, that the next version of the Neon Ninja demo *should* be smaller and should function smoother. Bad news for me is that I have to hand copy all the sprites, bacgrounds, drawings and objects all over. Feels like the Six Million Dollar Man!

8-12-2006 updated
Google, why do you hate me?... (new ads)
Well, I HAD new Google ads. Those screwballs thought I was clicking the ads myself.. not true, I was actually updating the Eric-Tech site to help promote the site.. I uploaded it so many times  because I was having so many problems getting their damned CODES to show up, that they thought I was cheating (although, I thought the cookies were supposed to help prevent that??) .. so anyway, IF I get them back, there's no more "open in new windows" on this or any of my other sites.. didn't know how to fix that until today. Maybe I'll give Yahoo a try,...

At any rate, please feel free to browse the comic archives or try out the game (keeping in mind it's GOING to be changing, including better graphics) while I work on the Neon Ninja video game demo, linked below. It changes often, so check back. (If necessary hit CTRL F5 to refresh the page) I'm working on boss artificial intelligence now for the video game, getting Markonn, Darg and some other baddies ready. If you'd like to contribute to the game in any way, shape or form, feel free to email me! Music, drawings, bad guys, coding, animating.. I have others working on it, but am always open to new ideas as well. --Mata!

90 changes later... (reuploaded 7-29-2006)
Made a TON of changes (even since July 18th version!) to the Neon Ninja game demo, which has been updated, and which you can only download on this site..
Main changes:
Old glitches fixed, maybe some new ones introduced!
You don't start out with the sword anymore. You have to prove your worth.
The game is a lot harder but more fair.
New (7/29) new music by one of the bands that is on the Extreme Tour
Fixed (7/29) 2 longrunning glitches with the Nemahns : 1, they don't ALL run away scared when the scaredy ones are hit by a star or expanding orb. 2, they shouldn't get quite as stuck going up terrain anymore.
You (7/18) can actually FIND Murami, your sword, and Michael just as the introductory text says you're supposed to!
New (7/18) Nemahns with new tricks up their sleeves
Newer (7/18, 7/29) scenery and lots more yet to come!
New ocean running scene
Picture in picture! (in one scene so far)
You *might* be able to find your way to new places by utilizing your sword,...
And lots more to come!
Current download size : 13.8 megs
If you'd prefer to watch a video of it, you can do that here, thanks to Fraps

30 Days late, and dibs...
ALLright, well first, DIBS on the following zombie movie, will have a short story on it placed online later, and will develop the whole thing later.. Nuclear Zombie Showdown will be released later.
Secondly, I never did the birthday drawing.. I never made it to the ECCC comic con like I wanted to. So what have I been doing all this time?
Falling in love and editing the game. ;D

Day late,...
Every year on Neon Ninja's "birthday" I draw a page. I remembered several times, when I was away from home, that I needed to draw something. Anything. Now it is too late for the actual day. Doh! And I am going to be busy all day tomorrow and likely Monday. So, happy late birthday, Neon Ninja!

Pirate vs Viking
Had this idea and wanted to draw it before it got stolen from me.

Work Continues,...
I'm still working on the game, but I've also returned to work on the comic. I would recommend, instead of reading the Intermission, with re-reading issue 3, then read what is available for issue 4 so far. Issue 5 *might* be for sale at a comic convention.. More details as they emerge.

No Foolin'! /edited 10-23
I'm still working on the Neon Ninja platform game, and I have an updated demo here.
The official demo is now available. Since there's massive differences I wanted to point out that versions prior to 4 and the current demo (which I sometimes update 4x a day or more) have been removed. There's now major differences between v4 and Demo, including the Expanding Orb, graphics glitch fixes, swords, bullets, score... so I guess if you're just morbidly interested in the old version, here it is ;) version 4

You will never beat MY Solitaire XP high scores!
Recently I ran across this article on the web regarding Solitaire on Windows XP operating systems... I've been playing Solitaire on the computer since 2001 and recently began playing it more often on Windows Xp while doing memory intensive tasks such as video editing or Divx encoding. So last week I was interviewed via email, and this article is the tongue in cheek result. Thanks to Chris Messick for the delightful column! Enjoy, and if anyone can BEAT my highest scores (be sure to check back from time to time too, I will post new scores in the folder) be sure to email me. Tip: have at least one other window open so you can screen cap the cards flying when you win at Solitaire, and for your score; and for validity, try to keep the Solitaire window near the date and time on the bottom right corner for verification.
No Foolin'!
A year ago, I purchased the rights to have a 2d engine built for production of a Neon Ninja game... that guy turned out to be a total flake and I was left high and dry. No more. I purchased my own program today, and am currently learning it's programming nature, and putting together a (hopefully) Mario 3 style sidescrolling adventure game. I hope you like it too! You can view the opening screen (still in early development) here. All screens and shots are copyright 2005 Eric Sahlstrom.

As promised, I will be working specifically on Issue 4 this week, I got a head start today on the new first page... don't worry, you didn't miss it, because I haven't posted it yet since at least in the beginning of this story, there would be confusion if I posted only a part of it, and if there were a delay in it,... well there might be MORE reason for the FNAQ page. In the meantime, I present to you this INTERMISSION with which I drew while in Japan. It is a preliminary that ... kinda leads into issue 4 but not really. Really it was just for fun and practice. I'm also going to try to stick to the traditional comic book style for the WHOLE ISSUE instead of flipping the page sideways.. that will be a challenge for me, but I think I can do it now. My goal is to have at very least 1 page done per day this week, if not colored, then inked.

Behind the times..,
I'm sooo sorry.. I've been super busy trying to catch up on hours at school, so I can pay my rent and such. Between that and needing time to unwind, Evil Genius has been sucking up my spare time. I will TRY to get some of issue 4 done this weekend. Spring break's coming up soon so maybe I can do a whole pantload then? /edit By the way, I'll be redoing the page numbering, there's a prestory I have to do for this issue (4).

Slash N' Dash now open...
Whooppee!! My store is now open! Now you can get a favorite strip of yours on a tshirt, coffee mug or whatever Cafe Press has to offer! Click the link to your left! Be sure to check out some of the artwork which can also be added in the Cafe Press store.

Also fixed: all this years posts had last years date on them - fixed!

I see from my webstat logs that some of you've been trying to go forward in stories that haven't been completed. Sorry about that.. I made a 404 page that says "not finished yet". I originally made a few pages of each story so I wouldn't forget or lose something that I wanted to use. Now that I'm picking up issue 4 after many years of neglect, it's gonna be a little different than I initially planned, but hopefully true to my original intent. I'll get some content up for issue 4 as soon as possible... mainly I want to finish the color scheme (once I decide on it) for the inside of the house. Oh by the way, before I get emails saying "hey, plot inconsistency" pointing out Eric's piloting the couch-copter while Dan's flying it,... there's two of them. =)

Dang... A Neon Ninja Milestone...
After nearly a decade of delays, I've finally finished the longest (timewise) story I ever started. (I have to color it and will do so tonight, and will be up by the time I have posted this) Issue 1 and 2 if you're interested, were done the same year (mostly in high school classes while supposed to be doing other work!!) in 1991 and going into 1992. I didn't even begin issue 3 since I didn't have a motivation for it after I graduated, and there was no public internet yet. (I had no idea who would read it other than my immediate friends) It's a milestone for me and a sense of closure and completion, as well as a new beginning - moving forward from where I began into a series. I will begin Issue 4 next week when I return from my vacation to California. Yeay, Mickey ears!

Damned spammers...
Took down the guestbook 'cause all it's getting filled with are spams. So I am just going to leave the Forums up. Have fun! Registration is free.

Off my butt...
Ok, I finally took some time to finish page 20 today.. sheesh, I gotta start inking these before scanning them! This took from 1:50pm to 5:50pm for me to get just right! 4 hours! Yes I'm complaining, I want some sympathy, lol! Oh well. Anyway, I'm hoping to have the next few remaining pages of Ish 3 finished by weekend, since I'll be out of town most of next. Not sure when the color versions will be up. By the way, the guestbook and Forums are up. I may remove either in favor of each other, depending on how much more spam I get in postings in the guestbook....

What The Muffins?!
Welcome all, from the new ad on If you're new to the Neon Ninja universe, click one of the following buttons above!

Slowly But Surly
Heh, no that's not a typo. I'm gettin' there, I'm gettin' there! Been a long and surly holiday season (of which they seem to hate me the most this time of year) so draggin my butt back to my artwork has been a chore. I had two weeks to do it and I did my best to AVOID it.. I think part of the problem was my ego got shunted at a certain forum and I've been trying to recover.. another part has been school and the time involved going to it... another part was I wanted to see how my new art class would effect my drawing - to this venture, NONE - other than knowing I draw better in cartoon style than I can in line of sight! =D

I'm printing out some pages now, since I finally got my color cartridges working again, and MAN, ... they look good!!

Happy Birthday to Jesus

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas tonight! Please drive responsibly!
Growing and growing and growing... For some reason, my Dreamweaver program was adding hundreds of additional, unnecessary, lines of code for different fonts.. this index page was up to 173k just a moment ago! I had to fix it by changing the fonts in Word, but it seems to be working properly now... more investigation later, right now, I got a eggnog calling me!

Happy Birthday to me

Sorry to toot my own horn, but it's my birthday today - so there won't be any artwork for a couple days. I was pretty rushed to get the last two pages up, that's why they look more simple in the colorations. I never realized just how time involving a full page is for colorization before - penciling is EASY! the rest is the hard work! By the way, if you haven't already, check out What The Muffins and check out Matt's art gallery. It's pretty cool!

A Unhappy Nemahn

One of the most unhappy Nemahn's I've ever drawn is now in the belly of another creature. Ugh! Heh.. I just wanted to make a small disclaimer to the next two pages I'll be putting up. I don't want to ruin the surprise here, but in case there's any confusion, this new character is my OWN creation, not a ripoff of anyone's certainly not some character called "Gleep" ? as mentioned to me by a friend. Again, without giving too much away, my characters's name is Spot, and he was first published in 1985 or 1986 in a school newspaper when I was in 5th grade. I've entered him here in ... why am I telling you this? Go read it for yourself! Pages 18 and 19 are now up!!

Color correction
I've been perusing the Issue 2 archive... and I'm not happy with what I'm seeing. The paper I used had degraded when I scanned it, and some of the lush landscape scenes that originally had ORANGE mountains - are a faded pink (???) so I am beginning tonight into tomorrow to color correct them, and then I will continue with the rest of Issue 3 and it's finale. Then 4. =) ... I think it will be worth the wait, and I will be correcting typos as well.
UPDATE!! 12-18-2004
Finished with Issue 2, didn't do EVERY single panel with words or color correction, but I think it looks better now. Rephrased a couple things to flow better, fit better with the story, etc. BY the way, I though I would add some handy tools that I use under the new TOOLS link. These specifically are for zooming in with either Internet Explorer or Firefox 1.0.

What, you want to be able to READ them?...
Ok, due to popular request, I've begun editing some of the more obscure handwritten pages. Starting with the current issue and working my way backwards, forwards and sideways. It's not exactly a fun project but it has taught me to print more legibly and to type what are typically ending up as long sentences. You may also notice an increase of size of the last two (pages 16, 17) pages I've entered. Yeah, they're big screenwise, but I wanted you to be able to read the print I had typed up for the mock newspaper - which by the way pokes fun at a nickname for a local newspaper. Maybe they'll eventually decide that journalistic integrity IS important, such as getting basic facts straight! Oops, did I say that out loud again? I'm getting bad at that! :D More later today, look for page 18, and I'll try to do 19 as well.


Jim Carrey as Jin Haik...
This is probaly going to sound conceited but it's not meant to be. I just watched the two Lemony Snicket previews for the movie, and even though I've never read the books (or heard of them until recently) I have seen Jim Carrey's movies, and I have to admit, I think he would be the PERFECT Neon Ninja. He's got all the style range from goofy to serious, to outright wacko, and there's times that him as a ninja of light (as contrast to a ninja of the darkness) that as a warrior with wit he'd be really funny. I dunno, just my thought. I'd probably have Gary Sinise play Murami, especially in issue 5 when Murami turns traitor - oops, I'm giving too much away! =D

At least the lines are STRAIGHT
Editing page 17 of issue 3 as we speak, took a moment to make a commentary. Why is it that two major things have changed (using a pencil, my bane, and using a RULER for the boxes) yet two things stay the SAME? I can get the box as perfectly aligned as I can see and it's STILL slightly tilted! And I can draw the nicest pencilings, but my scanner picks up every eraser mark that even my eyes can't see (which come out when I darken the picture to save from inking) ... perhaps it's picking up imperfections in the paper? hmm.. Well anyway, by the time you read this, page 17 should be up, providing a key element into the storyline and introducing a new character starting on page 18 or so.. stay tuned! --Eric
(Page 17 now up!)

Lame Excuses...
So,... I'm ready to do some drawing, I've already done some storyboarding, and I go to get my pencil... and it's gone, along with my new pink highlighter I just bought. I think they fell out of my coat pocket somewhere. My one and only pencil, which is mechanical, by the way, and the only one I can stomach to use - regular pencils to me are like scraping fingernails on a chalkboard - so I am stuck waiting until tomorrow until I can go buy a new mechanical pencil. I'd use pen, like in the good old days, but HEY, I don't have a finepoint pen, EITHER. (Only a blue Bic, which has lines too thick for what I want to do - I could black and white it but still...) so, ARRGH!! And another excuse for not going to the store tonight is that my alternator is bad. That's right, you read that right, my alternator is going bad, complete with fading lights and intermittent battery drainage... and that's actually not a lame excuse, since I don't know when it's going to finally die. The good news is though, that it is being replaced in the morning. I have such a nice landlord!! =) So in the meantime, I might just, ya know.... take the evening off, play some Xbox.. write some more of the Neon Ninja movie script.. oops, did I say that out loud?
Page 16 added 12-11-2004
Click "Current Strip" to read it
Bigspace series updated and number corrected due to lost drawing,
added 12-11-2004
Click "Start Here" to read it

Copyright is Served!

Today I got the official returned forms on government paper for The Neon Ninja from the US Copyright office, making it empirically official that :
NEON NINJA is MY COPYRIGHT!!!! PRETENDERS BEWARE!! BWOOO HOOO HOOO HAAA HAAA <cough cough hack hack wheeeeeeeeeeeeze...


There are several archives of the Neon Ninja storylines. The first being the original handdrawn comics that were colored using fluorescent Accent markers on white copy paper, from 1991 to 1993 and occasional side projects. The second series ran briefly in the summer of 1999 until halted by a bout with carpal tunnel. The space series ran all inbetween, running from circa 1990 to present day. I'd like to note that the Big Space drawings were originally hand drawn and Bigspace 3 was drawn in late 2002, over a course of 17 days, not computer generated.

Neon Ninja, or Jin, as I call him, was created in 1991. The gist of the story (an origin story has finally been finished!) is of a "hundred year old" (in numbers only, see the story) ninja chosen by his clan to defend his village, given magical powers to control mystical lights to confound/confuse his enemies. In the course of major battles he was thrust in time, along with his enemy, into 1991 and revived from legend. He has followed his arch nemesis, Markonn, from Habukulai, Japan, to Portland Oregon. Neon Ninja has been in comics online since 1999, before that he was on television in brief cameos on the WWAZ show, as well as appearing in t-shirts and other publications.

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